Introducing CSOS Xpress

Now there is a faster, more secure, cost effective way to order CII pharmaceuticals, Masters CSOS Xpress. This DEA approved Controlled Ordering Substance Software, CSOS, provides the most convenient method of ordering CII products today.

Simple to Use

Once Masters' CSOS software is installed, an electronic signature is utilized to secure the order. CSOS Xpress benefits the pharmaceutical buyer, Masters Pharmaceutical, and the DEA by reducing ancillary costs associated with time and record keeping.

Masters CSOS Xpress goes even farther then the competition!

Masters customers can order their CII products at along with their non-controlled purchases. Masters CSOS Xpress sweeps the CII items to CSOS software for processing and final approval by the pharmacy buyer. This unique feature makes CII buying easier and less time consuming.

For further information about CSOS, we recommend that you review the Federal Register published by the DEA in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) under Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, 21 CFR Parts 1305 and 1311, Docket No. DEA-217F.

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