Pharmacy Communication Skills — For Profit & Patient Health

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September 30, 2021 By

Communication with your customers is critical to providing the best care and keeping them coming back to your pharmacy. The market is increasingly seeing more demand  for pharmacies offering dedicated spaces for wellness services and consultations. These services are not just great for strengthening your business and customer loyalty, but can also have big impacts on patient health. 

Medication adherence rates show the need for pharmacists to take a more active role in their customer’s health. Only roughly half of prescriptions written are picked up, 25-30% are taken properly, and just 15-20% are ever refilled. With better communication to increase patient health literacy, these numbers can easily come up and positively impact the health outcomes.

Many customers come to a pharmacy with poor healthcare experiences and limited information, creating barriers to getting prescriptions and taking them properly. By offering safe spaces and services to address their concerns, you can help steer them back to a wellness plan based on best practices and not bad experiences. 

Empowering customers with information and involving them in the decision making process not only will better their health outcomes, but will also create a bond and customer loyalty that will keep your business strong for years to come.

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