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What is VAWD? Is it Necessary?

Protecting the Pedigree and Safety of Your Pharmaceuticals

To combat the rise of counterfeit drugs, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NBAP) introduced strict standards for wholesale distributors. In order be VAWD accredited, distributors complete a compliance review of their operating policies and procedures, licensure verification, a detailed survey of their facilities, and a screening through NABP Clearinghouse.

Already four states (Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wyoming) require VAWD accreditation for their state license to distribute drugs, with more to follow. River City goes a step further than we’re required and offer pedigree tracing on all our products, so you can track your pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to your shelves. Trace your pedigrees here.

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10,000+ Products Directly Sourced From Manufacturers

Generic Drugs

We carry thousands of generic drugs from Acetaminophen to Zostrix. Generic in name, exact in quality—our generic drugs save big money without compromising the care your customers need.

Brand Drugs

Brand name drugs for which there are no substitutes—drugs that transform lives by treating Multiple-Sclerosis, Hepatitis-C, or Prostate Cancer—we supply some of the most advanced drugs in existence.

Specialty Drugs

Speciality drugs are known for being expensive, but they can also require high attention to detail in shipping & handling. We are well versed in distributing the most temperamental of specialty drugs.


We carry hundreds of over-the-counter medications relied on every day by Americans. Whether its pain relief, vitamins, or natural remedies like apple cider vinegar capsules, we stock it all.

Flu Vaccine

When flu season hits it’s paramount to make sure your customers have the vaccine shots and sprays they need to fight off influenza. We are well stocked in every year’s new flu vaccines.

Other Vaccines

Vaccines are one of humanity’s greatest achievements and have dramatically raised the average lifespan since their adoption. We offer these preventative miracles as part of our catalog.

Diabetic Supplies

People with diabetes require an array of products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We stock well over a hundred diabetic supplies like syringes, meters, lances, test strips, socks, creams, and more.


Whether it’s to soothe aches and pains, provide relief to irritating rashes, or to disinfect wounds, we provide a wide range of the creams and ointments your customers need to feel comfortable again.