June, 2022 Master's Blog Archive

The Masters blog archive from June, 2022 is the place you can find industry news, news about Masters, and our series to better your pharmacy’s marketing, Marketing Matters. In this archive you’ll always be able to find great resources from the past months. While we keep up-to-date, much of our Marketing Matters series will still be relevant to helping your pharmacy improve its business for a long time. Learn about how to write scintillating copy, how best to utilize social media, paid online advertising with Google AdWords, traditional marketing mediums like print or mail campaigns, as well as how best to brand or rebrand your pharmacy with colors, copy, and the ideas you want to convey with your business.

Shingles Vaccines at Your Pharmacy

Industry News

Getting shingles is no laughing matter. Adults who get shingles which is caused by the Herpes zoster virus, can end up with a myriad of symptoms and permanent damage to their body. As a pharmacist, you can help spread awareness…

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