NABP (National Association Of Boards Of Pharmacy) Accredited Drug Distributor

Why Does NABP Accreditation Matter?

The Safety of Your Drugs is at Stake

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) introduced strict standards for wholesale distributors to combat the rise of counterfeit drugs. Moreover, to be an NABP Accredited Drug Distributor, distributors must complete a compliance review of their operating policies. Furthermore, procedures, licensure verification, a detailed survey of their facilities, and screening through ‘National Association Of Boards Of Pharmacy’ Clearinghouse.

Eventually, four states (Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wyoming) already require NABP Accredited Drug Distributors for their state license to distribute drugs, with more to follow. Masters goes a step further than we’re required and offers pedigree tracing on all our products so that you can track your products from the manufacturer to your shelves. Trace your pedigrees here.

Questions about NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation?

Formerly known as VAWD Accreditation, NABP Accredited Drug Distributor means we have undergone compliance review of our operation policies and procedures, licensure verification, a survey of our facility’s operations, and a screening through NABP Clearinghouse.

The law requires this accreditation if you are in Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, or Wyoming. Eventually, 24 States recognize the Drug Distributor Accreditation, many as a means of implementing the licensing provisions of new laws. Inquire with your state licensor for more information for your specific state.

Ensure the drugs you are paying for is the genuine article. With the rise of counterfeit drugs and wholesale distributors, NABP created these rules to combat illegitimate wholesalers. Furthermore, that’s also why we offer pedigree tracing for our drugs so you can rest assured the drugs you order are the ones your receive.

NABP Accredited Drug Distributor is the new branding for VAWD. It refers to the same process of accreditation that VAWD entailed. Eventually, if you’re familiar with the term VAWD, just know NABP Accredit Drug Distributor is the same process, from the same people.

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