ACH is Fast, Safe, Convenient—and Now Can Save You 1%!

Are you a customer who pays with credit cards? We’d love for you to switch to ACH and save 1% on all your purchases! Because credit cards have hefty transaction fees, we are rewarding any customer who avoids them and passing the savings along to you! The sign-up process is quick and easy—just fill out the ACH Authorization & Enrollment forms and you’ll start getting a 1% credit off all your purchases at the beginning of every quarter!

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ACH Pay & Save Details

  • 1% off all purchases, rebate credited quarterly
  • Must be up-to-date, no past due balances
  • Program starts immediately! Sign up now!
  • Credit applies to future purchases or non-past due balances
  • Credit applied after the end of the quarter
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Download the Forms

Signing up is easy! Simply download the ACH Authorization Form & the ACH Pay & Save Enrollment Form, and email them back, and you’ll start saving 1% on all your purchases! Rebate credit can be applied to purchases or bills not past due! Have questions? Contact your rep, they’ll be glad to help!

Saving 1% Every Quarter is Easy as…

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Fill out the ACH Authorization Form with a Voided Check

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Complete the ACH Pay & Save Enrollment Form

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Send in the Forms & Save 1% on All Purchases!

Looking for other ways to pay?

Check out our payments page to see all the options we offer!

Questions? Check the FAQ!

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After enrolling in ACH Pay & Save, you’ll receive a 1% rebate credited every quarter for all purchases (less any returns), which can be used for future purchases, or against non past-due bills!

The only stipulation after signing up is you must not have past-due balances. As long as your account stays up-to-date, you’ll receive a 1% credit rebate for all your purchases!

The program starts now, so sign up now and start saving! Once you’re enrolled, credits will be processed within 45 days of the end of every quarter!

As you’d expect, any merchandise that is returned is not eligible for 1% credit back. Credits are only applied to net purchases.

ACH enrollment is very simple and just requires some basic banking information, a voided check, and a $0.00 debit test to validate the banking information is correct!

Your Account Manager will be more than happy to help you get enrolled in ACH Pay & Save! Call 800-982-7922 and ask to speak to them!

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