The upcoming DSCSA requirements taking effect November 27, 2023 are changing the way credit card payments must be handled. To ensure there are no gaps in your service, please take note of the following information to be ready for the changes.

If you currently use a credit card to make your purchases with Masters, this is what you need to know:

  • For DSCSA compliance, every customer must have their Sold to Legal Address and Legal Business Name captured with a Global Locator Number (GLN).
  • Previously, in order to process personal credit cards, Masters could use the credit card address as the Sold to address. Since the Sold to address will be tied to the GLN, we will not be able to adjust that address to reflect a credit card billing address separate from the actual business address.
  • Moving forward, all billing addresses for credit cards must match the address connected to the registered Global Locator Number (GLN). Here is a link to the credit card form. Please review your credit card details and determine if a new card needs to be supplied via fax to update your account. Our fax number is 972-446-4424. Please include your account number.

After Nov. 27th 2023

  • If you have a personal credit card on file (with a billing address different from your registered sold to address GLN) when you go to make a return, the system will deny the return.
  • If your Sold to address has been updated in our system to match your registered GLN, but your credit card has not been updated, and its billing address differs, your credit card payment may decline. This could result in your account being placed on a temporary shipping hold until the decline is resolved with a new card or different pay method option.

We understand if you want to move away from credit cards considering this new change. We currently offer a 1% [quarterly] rebate on all of your purchases if you sign up with our ACH Pay & Save Program.

If you would like to move forward with credit card payments, please supply a credit card that matches your Sold To address or please change the address of your credit card to match your Sold To Address.

Have more questions about DSCSA?

Contact your rep or check out our DSCSA resources page with an FAQ for the most commonly asked questions.