Customer FAQ

River City has been honored to serve our customers since 2012, and we look forward to continuing to offer the same massive catalog, unbeatable prices, and unrivaled service under the name Masters Pharmaceutical! Your account will automatically switch over on October 3rd, and all your information from logins to credits to invoices will migrate over seamlessly. You understandably might have some questions, so here is an FAQ that hopefully will answer them. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact your Account Manager and they’ll be glad to assist you!

Masters Pharmaceutical is the twin co-brand of River City Pharma. Masters acquired River City in 2012 and have been running as separate businesses under the same parent brand of Masters Drug Company. To simplify things for ourselves and our customers, we’re merging the brands under one name so we can provide the same focus, energy, and knowledge to all our customers equally.

Not a thing! Because both companies were already using the same catalog and systems, the migration for our customers will be seamless.

Your account manager will be the same helpful person you’ve been working with, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns.

All your account details will transfer over, including credits.

No, because our Accounts Receivable department has been handling both Masters and River City for years, there will be no changes from the merger.

All of your payment details, including your bill cycle, will remain the same as before.

The only change to your invoices will be the logo in the top corner showing only Masters instead of Masters & River City.

Your pricing whether online or negotiated with your Account Manager will not change. Masters has the same massive catalog at unrivaled prices as River City!

All our River City employees will move over to a address, but the old email address will forward to the new one so there will be no lapses in communication if you email the old address!

Yes it will! The stores for both businesses are actually one and the same already, so there will be no login issues from the merger.

Do you have additional questions?

Feel free to contact your Account Manager or email with any additional questions or concerns.