Chantix Recalled—Gx Alternative Approved & Available at Masters!

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July 26, 2021 By

Last week, Pfizer announced a voluntary recall of Chantix, the popular prescription drug used to help people quit smoking. While the brand name product will not be available for the near future due to potential Nitrosamine impurities, pharmacists will not be left without a replacement for their customers.

The largest Canadian manufacturer of generic drugs, Apotex, has announced they have received FDA authorization to import and distribute Canadian labeled generic Chantix (Varenicline Tartrate). It is expected this support to the US market will be just temporary, estimated at 90 days.

Pharmacists should be aware Apotex is only initially planning on launching bottles which will have a Canadian DIN, not an NDC, nor will it have the usual barcodes found on US products. Bottles ordered will also contain a “Dear Healthcare Professional” letter within the customer totes containing both the US NDC, bar codes, and other information including an Apotex customer service number to answer any remaining questions.

This past week, Masters issued a recall notice to our customers affected by the Chantix recall. We’re happy to announce we have access to Apotex’s supply of generic Chantix and can offer our customers this FDA authorized alternative. Call your Account Manager at (800) 982-7922 today for more information or sign in to your account and order today!