The Invaluable Experience of Pharmacists in the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

COVID-19 Updates
July 14, 2021 By

The rollout of vaccines for COVID-19 across America was a bumpy ride from the start, and pharmacists had to improvise and adapt to a wholly unique scenario they weren’t well prepared for. From the outset, communication between pharmacies and official agencies was fraught with miscommunication with many pharmacists wishing there was a more standard and equitable process to follow.

However, as pharmacists are known to do, they worked through the issues and consulted with each other to figure out how to deal with a complicated process of eligibility, logistics in vaccinating large numbers of people, and educating the public to quell fears about the vaccine.

Now the process of vaccinations has become a much smoother process with the lessons learned from the initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout. It still remains to be seen if this process will need to be repeated or if this will be a one-off experience for pharmacies across America. If not, the second round will almost certainly be a smoother process with the knowledge gained contending with the original vaccination program.

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